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Anti Aging Reality?

There are several ways in which one's age can be determined. The chronological age measures longevity in terms of years that one has lived from the time of birth. Biological Age however is measured according to the actual functional performance of the various body organs.

People born on the same day can have different biological ages. Sometimes a person can be more advanced in biological age while the chronological age counts only a few years.

Biological age measures the physiological condition of the body inside, while the chronological age relates only to the lapse of time from birth.
Biological age therefore has much more relevance to show life expectancy or longevity of life.

Anti aging is the reversing or slowing down of the biological age while the chronological age advances on.

True anti-aging involves reversing or slowing down the body's degenerative processes that normally lead to depletion, or loss of stamina, vitality, loss of energy, dehydration and the associated decay, shrinkage and rot of body cells.

Several factors play a role in the process of aging. However, nutrition and life style are the most determining factors. As much as good nutrition provides the body's food requirements, in terms of carbohydrates for energy, proteins for body building, minerals and vitamins for protection, bad nutrition may also introduce excess unwanted substances and toxins into the body.

Life style refers to life habits, attitudes and cravings. As much as good exercise can help strengthen the vital body organs, excessive exercise can also contribute to accelerating the degeneration of the body. 

Most desirable therefore is a balance; a point somewhere between deficiency and excess.

In terms of nutrition, there are certain substances, proteins and enzymes whose presence in the body has been noted to correlate well with the aging process. Vitamins A, B, C, D and E play and important role as anti-oxidants. Stem cells play an important role in the intracellular repair mechanism.

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Biological Age shows the condition of your body inside.


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